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This is my second blog about which I am blogging. Actually I was introduced to the world of blogging from this one and it was my first blog.When I started I was just experimenting with it to find out what exactly is a blog and how does it work. 

Now more than 6 month down the line and I have 3 more blogs besides this.The first one being a personal blog hovers around my interests that it cricket,auto and technology.

In the initial posts you may find a lot of mixed posts and the reason is obvious I was not having any theme in mind and just kept blogging on the things which interested me 

Then this blog was split into 3 more Viz .You can check these out too for more interesting and theme oriented contents.

Blog Widgets - The previous post is about this blog

Goa - This is about Goa

Blogweb - My own blog reviews which is the one you are viewing. 

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