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This is my first blog about which I am blogging. Basically I was waiting for it to get a google ranking which I consider as a litmus test and and have passed with flying colours

So that is a brief summary coming back to business 

This blog is a collection of all the widgets available on the internet. Wherever the code is directly available it is also available here offcourse wherever possible the source is also mentioned so it is fair on the part of the original publishers.In some cases the link is provided leading to the widget searched for. 

So what are the available widgets ? Well there are loads of them to write about but I would like to mention a few Calendar, Simple Counter, Flag Counter, SEO Statistics

Clocks,Marquee text, images & links,IP address ,Tabbed RSS feed widgets and lots more.If you are looking forward to a particular widget just enter the key words in the search box and you will get the result in seconds. 

You can also suggest any new or interesting widgets that can be added to this collection. 

Till then happy hunting ……………..

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