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After hunting the web for some blog templates and scanning so many of the sites browsed through here’s my pick and I am sure you will agree with me. This site has a pretty good collection of high quality blog templates.

It has practically all the categories one could look our from like 1 Column,1 Column,3 Column and 4 Column Templates. All the templates are nicely classified into categories besides the listed above like the theme colour ( Red, Black, White etc ).If you have some preference for your widgets being on the left or right side bar you have categories for this too.

Its simple you choose your template and below it you fill find Ratings ,Views and Comments so you can have a fair idea of what is in store for you. Once you have finalized on your layout just download the file ( Zip format ) and you are done.

If you are a webpage designer you can also submit your template here and have more reach to your targeted audience.

Coloured Tag Cloud Generator

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Check out this vibrant tag cloud generator which stands out from the rest of the tag clouds cos it does away with the monotonous look of the tag cloud with a colorful tags.Here are the basic steps how to go about it.

Step 1 : Get your tags automatically from your Website ( You also have the option of manually adding your tags though )

Click on All links from the website

Enter your Website URL

Step 2 :  Personalize your tag cloud by choosing the background colour, Link decoration, Output Size, Font type and more … Once you are done click on the Get tags button ( Adjacent to where you entered your web url )

You will be able to see a preview of your tag Cloud.

If you are satisfied with it click on the Generate HTML Code Button to get your code

The devils workshop - Technology blog

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Alexa Page Rank : 30,420


The devils workshop is one website which I recently discovered. Must say it is a really very nicely developed site. So what is in this devils workshop? Basically it is a technology blog focusing on posts covering latest trends, news and analysis from the fields of internet, technology, social networking, computers and mobile.

Well If you have the time then you can start digging the archives and you will surprised by the amount of useful content you will be dished out with. Since the content is so diverse blogging about the same is just not possible so I recommend you have a first hand review of this site .

Free Country Flag Visitor Counter widgets/Gadgets

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Alexa Page Rank : 226,633


This is my favourite site for visitors counter and the widgets of which exists on all my blogs.Well it has the traditional counters which are available on every second site providing counters.

Besides this there is the world map visitor tracker widget,the recent visitors gadget and so also the google page rank gadget.

But I recommend using both the widgets country flag counter gadget and the Online visitor gadget as it gives you and your visitors quite interesting stats in a simple manner. Basically the Online visitor gadget  free gadget allows you to see the country flag and the IP address of your most recent visitors. Besides this the best stats it provides is the visitors for the day ,For the month, For the year and your total no of visitors and the the country flag counter gadget sums up and displays your visitors by the country so you can target your content to suit your visitors or

Oh Yes ! No sign up required here you just pick up the code and insert it in your blog or webpage…Easy isn’t it ?

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