Free International sms

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 4

Alexa Page Rank : 1,658

Well folks for all those people who have been looking out for a website to send international sms for free here comes the answer from " 160by2 ".With this website you can send free sms to India,Kuwait, UAE,Saudi,Singapore,Phillipines and Malaysia.More countries are supposed to be added soon.

There is a limitation though that you can send sms with 80 characters only but on the positive side you can sen 10 sms to one number per day and a total of 50 per day in all.You have to do a one time registration though but it is worth it.

Cant think of some good words to write down ? Not to worry there is a good collection of sms templates category wise so you can just copy and send them.U can also download their mobile application and send sms from mobile using GPRS.

Ya I know you are dying for the link so here it is

Visitor Count 2000 and still counting ......

Hi Friends with your support my blog has got a visitor count of 2000 and is the third to acheive this count.Hope to provide you with more interesting and useful content.

Thanking you all and I hope you continue visiting it.

Official Site of the Indian Premier League

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 5

Alexa Page Rank : 7,578


All you cricket fans out there you just can’t afford to miss this site.The official site of the Indian Premier League. It is filled with all the content a cricket crazy follower could ask for. It is but obvious that it will have the schedule and the results besided the live scorecard.The home page displays the team standings besides the Orange Cap Standings ( Leading Run scorers ) and the Purple Cap Standings ( Leading wicket takers ) 

There are a host of statistics one could ask for besides those stated above. Just to name a key ones are the Daily leaders Team wise. Batting which is further split into most runs, average, fifties ,hundreds ,strike rate…. I am just running out of breath. The Bowling Stats for the most wickets, the most economical bowling figures and average. The fielding with the catches and stumpings and finally the team stats. 

There is much more than I can blog about so why don’t you have a look yourself ?

My First Blog

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 1

Alexa Page Rank : 1,882,511

This is my second blog about which I am blogging. Actually I was introduced to the world of blogging from this one and it was my first blog.When I started I was just experimenting with it to find out what exactly is a blog and how does it work. 

Now more than 6 month down the line and I have 3 more blogs besides this.The first one being a personal blog hovers around my interests that it cricket,auto and technology.

In the initial posts you may find a lot of mixed posts and the reason is obvious I was not having any theme in mind and just kept blogging on the things which interested me 

Then this blog was split into 3 more Viz .You can check these out too for more interesting and theme oriented contents.

Blog Widgets - The previous post is about this blog

Goa - This is about Goa

Blogweb - My own blog reviews which is the one you are viewing. 

Free widgets directory/collection for bloggers

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 1

Alexa Page Rank : 1,226,701

This is my first blog about which I am blogging. Basically I was waiting for it to get a google ranking which I consider as a litmus test and and have passed with flying colours

So that is a brief summary coming back to business 

This blog is a collection of all the widgets available on the internet. Wherever the code is directly available it is also available here offcourse wherever possible the source is also mentioned so it is fair on the part of the original publishers.In some cases the link is provided leading to the widget searched for. 

So what are the available widgets ? Well there are loads of them to write about but I would like to mention a few Calendar, Simple Counter, Flag Counter, SEO Statistics

Clocks,Marquee text, images & links,IP address ,Tabbed RSS feed widgets and lots more.If you are looking forward to a particular widget just enter the key words in the search box and you will get the result in seconds. 

You can also suggest any new or interesting widgets that can be added to this collection. 

Till then happy hunting ……………..

My latest blog to receive Google Page Rank 1

Hurray! my youngest blog ( The first post was on DEC 30 2008 )  blog got its first page rank from google today.In just about 3 months this blogs got a ranking compared to my other blogs.It took just 21 quality posts to get these ranking.I thank you so much to all my visitors and followers who have contributed in reaching this goal.

I had started blogging in October 2008 and in less than six months my first & third blog got ranks from google.So all the hardwork has finally paid the dividends. It means a lot to me. 

I will always strive to provide you with useful and meaningful content as I have been providing till now. 

 I am sure you would love to visit these blogs too. Here’s the link for you

Free photo puzzle,photo slideshow,glitter text and other widgets

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 3

Alexa Page Rank : 119,572

Now this is one really interesting site for those looking out to have fun tools to make their blog interesting.Free flash toys is one such site which provides you with some really innovative and fresh widgets to spice up your blog

There are many widgets to choose from like the digital clock,Countdown clocks,Glitter text,Photo slideshow and photo puzzle just to name a few.You can customize it to choose your blog layout and colour.

How could I forget to mention that it does not require you to register or login to use these gadgets ! Go get it !

Send Unlimited free sms to India

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 1

Alexa Page Rank : 158,781

Want to send free sms to India ? Tired of filling up the registration forms to sign Up ? Don’t want to install any software to send sms on your computer ? If your answer to all the above questions is yes ! than you are at the right place.

Foosms is a service that allows you to send free sms to India without the hassles mentioned above.It is really very simple.You enter the mobile number to which you want to send sms in India ( Do not prefix the number with a + , 0 or 91 or 0091 ) just enter the number directly.You can send unlimited instant free messages across all networks in India ( I have tried a few networks and found it to be working ! ) Type your message upto 120 characters and click on the send button.

Now isn’t that really very simple ? What do you say ?

Convert files online without downloading any software for free

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 7

Alexa Page Rank : 5,750


You need to open a file but don’t have the required software to open the file so what do you do ? You download the program from the internet and then install it on your system right ? No your absolutely wrong ! Imagine it is a one time need what is the point of installing the software on your system.You may be using it only once in a year.Besides using up space on the hard disk it will slow up your system .

So what do you do ? Simple convert the file for free online .Where ? Logon to .You will need to register though to use this feature. What different file formats are supported ? For a list of documents supported Click Here

Conversion is done in 4 steps only.

Step 1 : Choose File

Step 2 : Choose the format to convert

Step 3 : Enter your email address to receive converted file

Step 4 : Convert ( By clicking to agree on their terms )

Contact Us/Email Us Form

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 7

Alexa Page Rank : 25,631

Many a times there is a need for your visitors to contact the publisher or webmaster. I have seen many bloggers giving their email address to be contacted.This can be dangerous as you are letting yourself being spammed.So whats the solution ?

Email me form is a service which provides you with a form wherein  your visitors can contact you without disclosing your email Id.  Email Me Form help stopping 100% of the automated SPAM .Ever form has a Captcha image - Captcha is a method of verifying whether the visitor is human or not. It is very easily for humans to type in a text from an image, while it is hard for software to do it

Every time someone submits one of your forms,their server send you an email with the information submitted.

You have the option of customizing the form and so also the option to choose whether it should display in the new window or as a page inside your site. Getting your form inside your website is easy and simple. Please select a form from the Drop Down menu ( Get HTML for displaying the form inside a page on your site ) and then copy and paste the Code inside your website ( you can put it as a blog post to make it look properly embebbed in your site )

Submit blog in one go to all major blog directories using Ping service

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 5

Alexa Page Rank : 52,365


So now that you have a new blog and you want the whole world to know that you have started a new blog what do you do ? You go and submit your blog one by one to all the possible blog directories manually . I would say your partially correct though. It is a fact that you have to submit your blog to blog directories to ensure that search engines crawl and index your site properly but it is not necessary to do so manually.

Ping my Blog is a automated service which lets you just select the blog directories you wish or select all and submit your blog to more than 60 blog directories at the click of a button. This saves you all the effort and your valuable time too. Not to mention that you need not register or sign up to use this service.

Its simple you log on to ping my blog enter your blog name,Blog Url & the Rss feed of your blog ( I found a couple of times it does not work when you give your rss feed so I suggest just submit your blog title and Url only ) and then select the check all button for submitting to all the blog directories and click on the Ping my blog button.Now sit back and relax as this pinging service does the hard work for you.

Blog Templates - 2Column,3Column,4Column & more

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 6

Alexa Page Rank : 39,980

After hunting the web for some blog templates and scanning so many of the sites browsed through here’s my pick and I am sure you will agree with me. This site has a pretty good collection of high quality blog templates.

It has practically all the categories one could look our from like 1 Column,1 Column,3 Column and 4 Column Templates. All the templates are nicely classified into categories besides the listed above like the theme colour ( Red, Black, White etc ).If you have some preference for your widgets being on the left or right side bar you have categories for this too.

Its simple you choose your template and below it you fill find Ratings ,Views and Comments so you can have a fair idea of what is in store for you. Once you have finalized on your layout just download the file ( Zip format ) and you are done.

If you are a webpage designer you can also submit your template here and have more reach to your targeted audience.

Coloured Tag Cloud Generator

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 3

Alexa Page Rank : 126,985

Check out this vibrant tag cloud generator which stands out from the rest of the tag clouds cos it does away with the monotonous look of the tag cloud with a colorful tags.Here are the basic steps how to go about it.

Step 1 : Get your tags automatically from your Website ( You also have the option of manually adding your tags though )

Click on All links from the website

Enter your Website URL

Step 2 :  Personalize your tag cloud by choosing the background colour, Link decoration, Output Size, Font type and more … Once you are done click on the Get tags button ( Adjacent to where you entered your web url )

You will be able to see a preview of your tag Cloud.

If you are satisfied with it click on the Generate HTML Code Button to get your code

The devils workshop - Technology blog

Website :

Google Page Rank : 4

Alexa Page Rank : 30,420


The devils workshop is one website which I recently discovered. Must say it is a really very nicely developed site. So what is in this devils workshop? Basically it is a technology blog focusing on posts covering latest trends, news and analysis from the fields of internet, technology, social networking, computers and mobile.

Well If you have the time then you can start digging the archives and you will surprised by the amount of useful content you will be dished out with. Since the content is so diverse blogging about the same is just not possible so I recommend you have a first hand review of this site .

Free Country Flag Visitor Counter widgets/Gadgets

Website :

Google Page Rank : 5

Alexa Page Rank : 226,633


This is my favourite site for visitors counter and the widgets of which exists on all my blogs.Well it has the traditional counters which are available on every second site providing counters.

Besides this there is the world map visitor tracker widget,the recent visitors gadget and so also the google page rank gadget.

But I recommend using both the widgets country flag counter gadget and the Online visitor gadget as it gives you and your visitors quite interesting stats in a simple manner. Basically the Online visitor gadget  free gadget allows you to see the country flag and the IP address of your most recent visitors. Besides this the best stats it provides is the visitors for the day ,For the month, For the year and your total no of visitors and the the country flag counter gadget sums up and displays your visitors by the country so you can target your content to suit your visitors or

Oh Yes ! No sign up required here you just pick up the code and insert it in your blog or webpage…Easy isn’t it ?

Search for Products/Services in India

Website :

Google Page Rank : 4

Alexa Page Rank : 1,854


This search engine for products and services in India is my favourite. More so cos I love simplicity and off course by now you must have learnt by heart that I hate to login to any site..

You can search for anything you need in India right from products, movies, companies ,services and it has a very easy to use interface. Select a city and then choose whether you want to search by company name or product/service. If  you know the area you can filter out unwanted results.Just hit the Go button.

Another useful feature is that you can send your search results to someone else on his/her email or mobile

There goes a saying that the best things in life are for free and so is the  case here.You can list out your business here and reach out to millions of customers absolutely free….

So search what you always wanted for at …

Make Unlimited free calls to U.S. or Canada ..

Website :

Google Page Rank : NA

Alexa Page Rank : 616,256


This is my first review of a site without any google page rank but as my top visitors are from US I felt it necessary to blog about this site.

This site  offers you to to call free anywhere in U.S. or Canada and make unlimited calls.Its simple you just enter the number on the homepage and click on the FreeCall Now button. You don’t need to sign up ( Remember bug me not .. I just hate to sign Up ).The call duration is limited to two minutes. There is one small nag though that you have to wait for 10 seconds watching their sponsored ads before you can actually stark speaking.Another advantage is that you don’t need to download any software to use it.

There is a big advantage if you sign up the call duration gets raised to 15 minutes but here’s the catch you have to be ready to receive email form them and their sponsors so make sure you don’t give your main email ID during the registration process…

So pick up your headphone and get calling you near and dear ones

Tag Cloud Generator

Website :

Google Page Rank : 4

Alexa Page Rank : 172,645


Tag Cloud one of the most sort after widget or gadget which most of the blogger hunt across to get one for their own blog .

The jiglu widget automatically creates intellegient tags and links related to your blog which means you don’t have to tag manually and your visitors don’t have to search for related posts.

You just need to register and insert the code provided and you will have your tag cloud generated and updated automatically for you .

You always have the option to edit the tags displayed in cloud to your liking. 

Sounds Interesting ?

Fantasy Cricket !

Website : www.

Google Page Rank : 5

Alexa Page Rank : 57,765

You can find a lot of fantasy cricket games if you search for it on the net but this one I feel is a standout from the crowd. The reason is its easy for amateurs to start with and the biggest plus point for it being that the scores and stats are updated live…

Well If you are playing to win some prizes I suggest you don’t cause it does not offer  big prizes like other fantasy games do but if you are a die hard cricket fan this is just the game for you.

The rules are simple your team constitutes of

6 Batsmen, 4 Bowlers & 1 wicketkeeper.

For each player in the line up you get

1 point for 1 run

25 points for 1 wicket

5 points for 1 catch

To Create your own team Click on the below link

How to bypass login or registration when browsing !

Website :

Google Page Rank : 6

Alexa Page Rank : 3,098 

This is one of the most interesting and helpful sites that I have come across and I am sure once you use it yourself you will also mark it in your favourites. Well I would say the name of the website is so aptly chosen than you just cant forget it.

I guess that’s enough of praises so lets get down back to business.I am sure most of us trying to see some website are forced to register with them to see their features.Well now there is a solution.

This site called “bugmenot” helps you by pass the tedious registration process thereby saving you time and entering your personal data ( I understand most of us give false info but the point is you still have to enter it )

So how does it work ? Just go to the login page of the site you are visiting and copy the url into the box of bugmenot and press get logins.You will get a list of usernames and passwords for the site you are trying to login. Its that easy !

You can also give the usernames and passwords for sites that are not in their database for the benefit of others BUT MAKE SURE UR  GIVING FAKE DETAILS while registering with the site.NEVER ENTER UR REAL LOGIN DETAILS with bug me not cos it will be accessible to the whole world.


Widgets for Blogs !

Website :

Google Page Rank : 7

Alexa Page Rank : 14,870 

Labpixies has a very nice collection of widgets or gadgets for your blogs. 

There are various options to choose from 

Fun and Games :  Here you have a collection of lot of games like Hangman, Blackjack, Sudoku Puzzles … 

Tools : The tools like calendars, Weather Forecast, Maps … 

Entertainment : TV , Radio , Music , Videos ………



Free logo's and graphics !

Website :

Google Page Rank : 6

Alexa Page Rank : 6,022


Cool text is a really cool way to get free graphics or personalizes logo’s for your blog’s and websites . 

All you need to do is choose a logo style to your taste and then in the Logo Text column enter the text for which you want to create a logo. Customize the size and background colour and hit on the “ Render Logo ” button and you are done. 

Now right click on the generated logo and save it on your computer. 

Bored of seeing the old fashioned buttons on other sites ? You can have some flashy new buttons here with options for various shapes ,colours and how the button behaves on a mouse over it. 

Well here ‘s what you are looking out for 


Earn for ur searches with Scour !

Website :

Google Page Rank : 5

Alexa Page Rank : 6,490


Check out this new search engine.

It searches the web and shows the result for 3 top search engines Viz Yahoo,Msn & Google along with their ranks while also considering scour user network votes.This feature slows it down a bit but I feel it is worth it and may be in due course of time they will sort it out.

The most attracting thing is you get rewards for using scour. You get reward in the form of point when you search, comment and Vote. Besides this you also get rewarded for referring your friends which is 25 % of their overall points. For more details on the earning and how it can be redeemed kindly refer to the FAQ section.

Want to join the party ? Click on the Link below .


Free Hindi Songs MP3 Download !

Website :

Google Page Rank : 2

Alexa Page Rank : 49,418

This is my favourite site for downloading MP3 songs from the latest Hindi movies for free without the hassles of getting into registrations or logging into any account. 

There are various options to choose from.Besides Hindi Albums you have remixed albums and Punjabi Albums. 

Besides this there are links for watching movies or cricket.I tried following these links but  didn’t find it exciting.You can check it out may be you will find it more interesting. 

So get your latest music albums updated with this fabulous website. 

Your comments very much appreciated ! 


Free mobile ringtones,themes,games,wallpapers !

Website :

Google Page Rank : 5

Alexa Page Rank : 477

U can find here everything U need to spruce up ur mobile here. 

Did I hear U properly ? Yes it is for FREE ! 

You can browse or search from their collection of Mobile Wallpapers, Themes, Ringtones, txt’s and Games 

You have a choice of the categories like Auto, Nature, Animated, Celebrity and many more so I would rather say ur spoilt for choice . 

Besides these U can personalize your phone’s looks with their tools like Ringtone Maker, Wallpaper maker, Voice Maker, Theme maker & Screensaver Maker with your own photos and animated texts 

Think U are smarter then just downloading what is on display then U can get the creative self in U alive by uploading your own ringtones, images and other stuff 

Cant wait to get there ? So here U go ……… 


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