Send Unlimited free sms to India

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Want to send free sms to India ? Tired of filling up the registration forms to sign Up ? Don’t want to install any software to send sms on your computer ? If your answer to all the above questions is yes ! than you are at the right place.

Foosms is a service that allows you to send free sms to India without the hassles mentioned above.It is really very simple.You enter the mobile number to which you want to send sms in India ( Do not prefix the number with a + , 0 or 91 or 0091 ) just enter the number directly.You can send unlimited instant free messages across all networks in India ( I have tried a few networks and found it to be working ! ) Type your message upto 120 characters and click on the send button.

Now isn’t that really very simple ? What do you say ?

Convert files online without downloading any software for free

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You need to open a file but don’t have the required software to open the file so what do you do ? You download the program from the internet and then install it on your system right ? No your absolutely wrong ! Imagine it is a one time need what is the point of installing the software on your system.You may be using it only once in a year.Besides using up space on the hard disk it will slow up your system .

So what do you do ? Simple convert the file for free online .Where ? Logon to .You will need to register though to use this feature. What different file formats are supported ? For a list of documents supported Click Here

Conversion is done in 4 steps only.

Step 1 : Choose File

Step 2 : Choose the format to convert

Step 3 : Enter your email address to receive converted file

Step 4 : Convert ( By clicking to agree on their terms )

Contact Us/Email Us Form

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Many a times there is a need for your visitors to contact the publisher or webmaster. I have seen many bloggers giving their email address to be contacted.This can be dangerous as you are letting yourself being spammed.So whats the solution ?

Email me form is a service which provides you with a form wherein  your visitors can contact you without disclosing your email Id.  Email Me Form help stopping 100% of the automated SPAM .Ever form has a Captcha image - Captcha is a method of verifying whether the visitor is human or not. It is very easily for humans to type in a text from an image, while it is hard for software to do it

Every time someone submits one of your forms,their server send you an email with the information submitted.

You have the option of customizing the form and so also the option to choose whether it should display in the new window or as a page inside your site. Getting your form inside your website is easy and simple. Please select a form from the Drop Down menu ( Get HTML for displaying the form inside a page on your site ) and then copy and paste the Code inside your website ( you can put it as a blog post to make it look properly embebbed in your site )

Submit blog in one go to all major blog directories using Ping service

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So now that you have a new blog and you want the whole world to know that you have started a new blog what do you do ? You go and submit your blog one by one to all the possible blog directories manually . I would say your partially correct though. It is a fact that you have to submit your blog to blog directories to ensure that search engines crawl and index your site properly but it is not necessary to do so manually.

Ping my Blog is a automated service which lets you just select the blog directories you wish or select all and submit your blog to more than 60 blog directories at the click of a button. This saves you all the effort and your valuable time too. Not to mention that you need not register or sign up to use this service.

Its simple you log on to ping my blog enter your blog name,Blog Url & the Rss feed of your blog ( I found a couple of times it does not work when you give your rss feed so I suggest just submit your blog title and Url only ) and then select the check all button for submitting to all the blog directories and click on the Ping my blog button.Now sit back and relax as this pinging service does the hard work for you.

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